#VoicelessMusicRadio on @FLOEmpireRadio.com #90: Black Aristotle & Dennis of ToySldrs.com

Last week on Voiceless Music Radio with DJ Mainstream & DJ Mastermind...
Massachusetts native (and New England Patriots fan) Black Aristotle came on the show to discuss all things "Do It For The Snap" and other up and coming projects. Listen for this interview as the native got some most wanted hook ups from DJ Mainstream including a possible remix of his hit social networking song.
Also on the show was Dennis of ToySldrs.com who had much to discuss when it comes to his brand. A jack of all trades, Dennis talked about his inspiration for creating the brand and even his love for independent music!
It was another great show that was, as always, live on on FLOEmpireRadio.com! Check out the podcast and video replay below.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


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