#VoicelessMusicRadio on @FLOEmpireRadio.com #95: #AllOrNothing Hangover

This past week on Voiceless Music Radio w/ DJ Mainstream & DJ Mastermind...

TruthBTold came on the show to discuss his newest mixtape, The Truth Is Out, alongside Problem B and entertained the masses about the process leading up to the project's release. With discussions of working with X Tha God, Problem and his newest artist SaraiMarie, TruthBTold spoke of "building an empire" in the business. 

Raybeauty of Rockview Entertainment then joined the fellas for a roundtable discussing on the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef including discussing relationships in the business. As always, a very entertaining episode of Voiceless Music Radio! Check out the official Hulkshare podcast & video replay below!


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