#VoicelessMusic's New Brand Voiceless Sports Is Looking For Semi-Pro & Amateur Basketball Players!

Voiceless Music has always looked to expand its ever growing popularity to represent all things independent. It's the reason why we started the trend, #WeRunIndie. That trend continues as Voiceless Music creates Voiceless Sports! This division of our company will establish a footing in the sports world while still creating opportunity for the independent players and performers of the world.

And what's the best way to stand out? Have a epic event! July 26, 2015, Voiceless Sports will host The 1st Annual Battle In The Bronx: A 4-on-4 basketball tournament where the winners will receive a trophy BUT all players will be scouted for the creation of our new team The Voiceless Knights!

So if you are a baller, sign up at http://battleinthebx.eventbrite.com to play, but you must be between the age 18-30 to play. And be there at Williamsbridge Oval Park on July 26 as we will also be collecting donation for our sponsor American Red Cross and see the creation of the new premier streetball team!

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