On The 13th Day Of The Month, #VoicelessMusicRadio Welcomes Kayla Frey & Pream-O Live!


This week on Voiceless Music Radio with DJ Mastermind and DJ Mainstream...

After impressing us all at the All Or Nothing showcase, Kayla Frey will be live on the show! Where did the singer unexpectedly come from? Find out this week!

Also on the show is Voiceless Music contest winner and New Jersey native Pream-O. Pream returns live on the show as he's fresh from ATL shooting the video to the remix to "Hold Up Lil Baby", which will debut on our site later today!

And in our Voiceless Corner, Hopsin went on a Twitter rant in regards to Mainstream Hip-Hop and how he's vilified for being different. We ask, are we proned to love what's on the radio today?
Its Episode #98: Curious Case Of Hip-Hop
Voiceless Music Radio at 10pm EST 


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