Shawn Rock - #JustAKidWithANiceFlow (Mixtape)


If you follow Shawn Rock, you've seen the promo, you’ve seen the in-studio vids, you’ve even seen some of the featured artists promoting it… and finally it’s here. Shawn Rock drops #JustAKidWithANiceFlow.
 First impression you may get is another Fabolous-like take on classics but Rock is above that. These freestyles are collection of old school tracks many artists, indie and mainstream, would be hesitant to touch. For example, “Survival Of The Fittest” pits Rock and longtime collaborator Alexander 1 head-to head on a classic Mobb Deep, turn this Queens gutter vibe into some true New Jersey hardcore. But it’s his bold and successful attempt to redo the classic “Around The Way Girl” that separates 2014 Voiceless Music Awards Artist of The Year from other ‘old school mixtape’ artists.
 Check out #JustAKidWithANiceFlow on Datpiff below and check out “Survival Of The Fittest” as our Voiceless Premier this week on Voiceless Music Radio!


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