#VoicelessMusicUnfiltered: ForenzX Da Guru - What's Beef?

The Unfiltered series is a special blog post for a special guest writer for Voiceless Music. There allowed to speak their mind on WHATEVER topic they choose in relation to music. 
We only ask, is for them to keep it Unfiltered.

Today's guest writer:
Loyalty X/Voiceless Music promoter/DJ ForenzX Da Guru

Damn social media got us good. Now really ask yourselves, was the beef(s) worth it?

Clearly thinking Bronson vs Ghostface. Only lasted 4 days.

Because of who sounds the same. When we all know that they have different flows. Simple dumb shit.

Now we all have to thank Aubery Graham for playing in 'Degrassi' because this beef with Meek Mill (R.I.P) was basically pointless high school musical bullshit. 

Sadly the turn out lead Meeks career on life support due to a "ehhh" response, while everyone else is still waiting for Drakes reason on why he got pissed on. 


I'm just saying that I know I'm not the only one who believes this is a waste of time. I know there's others...

ForenzX Da Guru...


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