Universal Lo Lifes presents Carlos Ferragamo – Closet Full Of Fresh Lo (Official VIdeo)

If you don’t know Thristin Howl The 3rd, then you don’t know Hip-Hop. Former Eminem collaborator and Brooklyn-bred entertainer has not only planted his flag in New York as the one of the founding members of the Polo dons, the Lo Life crew but is well known as a master of ceremonies in the Big Apple.

Today, as the Ralph Lauren inspired Lo Lifes clothing begins to surge throughout the 5 boros, that Hip-Hop fusion continues as Bronx MC Carlos Ferragamo drops the video inspired by the classic street parties with “Closet Full Of Fresh Lo”. Check out the video below.

And keep a eye out for Lo Life’s collab project The ULL Takeover (Vol. 1) coming soon.


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