Rockview Entertainment Presents The Premier Independent Holiday Concert: Rocking For The Holidays!

Rockview Entertainment continues to transcend with opportunities and events for the unsigned and independent as they present its latest offering!

In continuation with its 5 or 5000 Experience Concert Series, Rocking For The Holidays is the premier event for the holiday season featuring artists of Rockview and the some of the all-stars of the concert series!

It goes down Sunday, December 20th from The West End Lounge in New York City with music by Voiceless Music Radio’s own ‘Promoters Favorite’ DJ Mastermind! And of course, Voiceless Music has your chance to sign up for this event: contact us at

Slots are going fast! And here more about the event with S-Rock and feature performer Jus Write tonight on Voiceless Music Radio at 10pm on


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