Voiceless Spotlight: JaySolstice

New Jersey has had the spotlight in the rise of independent music for quiet a while. But 23 year old JaySolstice is not just any rapper. 

Not confined to just his Garden State home, Jay has crossed the pond with features from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and his neighbor to the north in Canada. Oh and let's throw in Japan due to his conversational skills in Japanese. 

While his covers and remixes are beginning to take shine, Jay isn't slowing down as 2016 is prepping to be a big year for the MC, starting with his new single on our show!

And that single, "E.D.L.", will be our Voiceless Premier tomorrow on Voiceless Music Radio! Make sure to link with JaySolstice on all platforms below.

Official Website / Tumblr


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