Voiceless Spotlight: Metatron

With a name like Metatron, you should automatically expect greatness. A combination of one embodiment of a motivator, crowd pleasure and robotic awesomeness, the DJ has rocked everywhere from the one and only Legendary Dobbs to Club Triology in Pennsylvania. 

But don't let the Technics fool you, the New Jersey native is also well known being behind the boards as an engineer and producer. Well versed in Hip-Hop and EDM, Meta started playing in bands before realizing his calling with the tables. "My insight on drumming and guitar riffs helped me develop a very unique form of articulation. I found my own voice", says Meta.

Now serving as a one man band with DJing, Metatron continues to lead the crowd! And were going to get them rocking when we drop his newest single, the remix of "Spectrum" on Voiceless Music Radio! Find Metatron everywhere via his social networking links below.  


  1. I love checking out Metatron's music. I've been following him for a while, I think he's a great talent and he'll definitely go far. Keep making those headbangers, I'll stay your number one fan, love what you doing. I absolutely love the spectrum remix.

  2. Best believe if you want to get down and just rock it out all night you gotta be listening to Metatron


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