Young Thrillz - 4 The Thrill Of It (Mixtape Review)

Either you are a hungry unsigned artist or a rising star on the independents, you have a major roadblock in Young Thrillz that you will have to pass. The Brooklyn MC has been tearing up the scene with some dope features and write ups, but the only write up that matters is Voiceless Music and the only feature that matters is the one today on his newest project 4 The Thrill Of It.

Written in the context of a how to manual on how to be a great MC from Brooklyn, Thrillz embodies his Gotham City swagger (as heard on lead single "I'm So NY"), his effervescent versatility (such as on "The One"), or his undeniable presence on a old school tip (such as on "My Own Man"). 

But its that uniqueness on our choice hit "Go Insane", that truly shows Thrillz doesn't just choose random beats, he makes the smart choices to match the theme of his project. So if your enjoying life for the thrill of it, let this mixtape be your soundtrack. Voiceless approves. 


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