Daisha - Skin Out

With a recent surge in the Pop/Alternative genre, it seems artists, especially on the independent scene, are ready to stand out from the pack. One of which includes today’s sensation Daisha, a former back up dancer for such artists as Rihanna, Diddy and Janelle Monae.

Now primed with all the right moves (most of which could be seen in Step Up 2 & 3D), and a sure fire breakout EP, I Am The Daisha, coming to us FREE on May 20th, Daisha is positioning herself to have the spotlight on her. And that spotlight starts in the club, with today’s “in-your-face” party record and 2nd single off I Am The Daisha, here’s “Skin Out”!

And check out Daisha’s “Skin Out” as one of THREE Voiceless Premier’s this Thursday on Voiceless Music Radio!


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