Elhae - All Have Fallen [Mixtape Review]

We were put on by DJ Mastermind
Then we experienced greatness from Soulection.
Now the artist with an immense amount of talent, Elhae, has now delivered greatness in his newest project, All Have Fallen.

Off the bat, we suggest you scrap most of what you know about the Atlanta–based artist. This project is the definition of Elhae. From his unique out of body character to uber-lyrical ability to tell a story to touch the soul, Elhae breaks down moments into song. From to the obvious wants of having a significant other (“Needs”), to that moment you realize you we’re the man with ‘her’ (the bonus song “Love A N***a”), to the regret and the pain of ‘her’ leaving (“Don’t Walk Away”).

But it’s the correlation of sound that combines an eclectic jazz feel with a forgotten ‘backpack-like’ presentation on “Hartley Bridge” that screams Elhae’s sense of this generation’s form of speaking to a relatable wide audience. If you have not already, we suggest you press play on Elhae’s All Have Fallen below and get on the wave like we have.


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