Yann The Man - Exposure [EP Review]

Yann The Man has gone after everything and anything in the rap industry when it comes to instrumentals. But for the first time, Yann takes on all-original beats for his Exposure EP.

Not many speak on the unfortunate of past people, but "Frenemies" is Yann The Man found a way of venting on all those people. But even some MCs have a heart, as Mt. Vernon’s finest takes his affinity for the opposite sex on “With Her” that gives Yann a very distinct mainstream-like sound.

But the song stuck in our rotation? Of course, the song he released last night on Voiceless Music Radio, “Money” which has that club feel but shows Yann’s overall growth and improvement since first touching our stage.

In the meantime, check out the Exposure EP below and see Yann perform 2 of the hits off this EP tomorrow at The Easter Experience!


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