Doc Stranger - Special (Official Video)

While most will leave Texas after Wrestlemania & RAW last night, the Texas MC Doc Strange is ready to make a big splash in music live from his home state.

Produced by the well-known Ty Macklin (Tahiti/Erykah Badu), the former collaborator of the legendary Sadat X, Doc is preparing the release of Sindrome, a described EP as “sci-fi thriller” from the Arlington-based entertainer. "What has been killing us underground heads is making rap... about rap. I wanted to start focusing on creating music about themes. Genres I am into - science fiction, Japanese horror, Blaxploitation, 70's grindhouse. That way things stay tripped out and exciting. I came in the picture and said 'Let's go dumb. Let's get funky and ignorant... but with a purpose.”

Doc Strange starts the trend with his Jason Riley Hoss-directed video to “Special” below.


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