Kahlee & Digital Martyrs - For My People [Official Video] (feat. Uptown Swuite & Odessa Kane)

Reblessed, Kahlee

California has always been a hotbed for up and coming talent all across the spectrum of music. But in the realm of Hip-Hop, it’s a world within itself.

Today, San Diego native Kahlee is our feature as the MC discusses what most would not, the current world climate. "A lot of times people are so caught up in judging others for being different, they don't realize they're exactly the same. Even in this day and age too many people are offended by change. It's time to kill the ego and move forward”  says Kahlee

Looking to continue to set himself apart from the pack, Gardena’s finest hooks up with Uptown Swuite, Odessa Kane and Digital Martyrs, for this remixed single off ReBlessed. Check out the official video to “For My People” below.


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