The OG Ninja & S Rock Return To #VoicelessMusicRadio For Lady Sen's Birthday Show!!

This week on Voiceless Music Radio with DJ Mastermind, DJ Mainstream and Lady Sen

The OG Ninja returns to Voiceless Music Radio this week during his Do Or Die tour. What does the MC have in store for The Pulse of New York? We find out tomorrow.

Also on the show, S Rock returns for his #RockviewThursdays visit to discuss his upcoming shows including tomorrow in New Jersey. Rumor has it, another member of RV will be stopping by as well. Who will it be?

And we celebrate Lady Sen’s birthday live on the show! And what’s the best gift? Voiceless Premiers! brand new songs NEVER PLAYED on radio to be played on air this week.

It’s Episode #131: Lady Sen Birthday Special
Voiceless Music Radio
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