I.K.P. - You Know The Drill (Official Video)

IKP Press5 2016

The Infamous King Of Positivity has, notwithstanding, created a persona ideal to his lyrical nature and welcoming personality. But I.K.P. is not just a character, but based on what we’ve heard with his previous releases and the upcoming ones from the upcoming project, Make PEEZY Great Again, it’s a way of life.

So when that way of life reflects in the today’s out-of-the-box feature video from the East New York-born, Norfolk-native, it’s evident that the originality literally oozes from the King.  Using his level of confidence to inject into the masses, I.K.P presents a song that people can use as a “fight song, but not a fight rooted in violence; it’s a fight rooted in knowing there’s power in self-righteousness”.

Check out the official video to “You Know The Drill” below.


  1. Finally, someone who isn't afraid to be unique and stand for something. Hip hop has lost its way, I.K.P. brings about a new change in that perspective. Good Job!


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