Juanito Jones - Help Me (Album Review)

The electric mind of Juanito Jones has always maintained his ability to step out of the norm musically, especially for the sake of his conscious potential. But with his new project, Help Me, the newly signed Universal artist is well prepared for the fame that lies ahead of him outside of his shell with this classic project.

Right off the bat, the growth of Juanito Jones becoming more lyrical and profane is shown in “Mature”, which sets up for a different story the young Bronx MC is trying to tell. That continues with “Drink Up” which seems to be a follow up of his hit single “Bounce” but in a more 2.0 feel hence giving Jones’ a comfortable groove when it comes to more club friendly music. But not one, but two songs stand out from this project in “Slowly Dying” and “Dear Ana”. While on Dean’s List Tour, “Slowly Dying” has seemingly become Juanito’s greatest hit in his career so far. “Dear Ana” however has a deep story, which if you do not know Jones' personally, you can see he’s exude a dark past and is overcoming from it.

In a sense, Help Me may be Juanito Jones’ Thriller, but like all good music, we cannot wait for a follow up. In the meantime, check out the album on Spotify and download on iTunes today below.