Leon Marin - WelcomeToTherapy (EP Review)

Leon Marin has never shy away from releasing powerful music for the masses especially after late 2015, which he revealed his over 200 songs recorded yet released.

So as he releases WelcomeToTherapy, it was apparent the Gowanus-based MC was finally ready to give a sample of what is to come. The obvious song that stands out,  which has nothing but mainstream potential all over it, is “Talks With God” which has had significant push before he released the EP but should still receive the major radio push it deserves. The same goes for the emotional “February 16” , which we’ve covered previously.

But the hit song on this EP is the old school beat-box feel on “The Era” which not only has infatuating horns and blends seamlessly with the hunger in Marin’s voice, but also the general feel of commercial marketability which can single handedly bring back lyricism into a forgotten time of true talent during this snap-and-trap era.

If you haven’t already head over to iTunes, like we did and purchase Leon’s WelcomeToTherapy here (Tidal users can click here).