ReachingNOVA To Appear + Deliver New Music To #ThePulseOfNewYork In August!

From concerts, to releasing new music, Reaching NOVA has done his best to dominate the New York rap scene.

Now, The Pulse Of New York brings him to our home WVMR so he can tell his story! August 25th at 10pm, tune in to learn more about the MC, his newest project It’s About Time and working with friend of the show Tommy Gunz!

Tune in to to hear the interview. In the meantime, enjoy his hot new video, “An Evening In Tampa Bay” below.


  1. Love his music!!! Real relatable stuff not that fake I drive a lambo but live with my mom music! Can't way for the interview

  2. This is awesome I can't wait for this interview. I listen to your music everyday. I love the story lines behind it. They inspire me and I appreciate NOVA Music 😘😘😘. NOVA IS DEFINITELY IN THE HOUSE!!!

  3. The word play and authenticity of Nova is rare. I have followed him from his beginning and it's amazing to see him mature as a man and as a performer seeking to master his art. Arte puro Arte. Thought becomes word becomes reality and back again: reality becomes word and thought. Nova concept has hard won stories to share in his lyrics that will speak to us all who grind toward a greater future.

  4. If you are looking for an inspiring artist... one who makes you think.. one that forces you to bring out the dictionary... one who requires that you peek into his life in order to understand his music; then you MUST sit down and actually listen to Nova. There isn't anything about his music that is not SO well thought out that you forget he this is not specifically written for YOU but STILL you can relate. Allow him to open your mind and take the trip he so eagerly wants you to join him on. Listen, share and repeat!


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