Brielle Gets Us "Stuck" On Her New Self-Titled LP (Album Review)

With the world waiting for new music, Brielle delivers us her self-titled new album!

After dropping the “Rock The Casbah” uber classic remake “Rock The Catwalk”, the Jamestown-born superstar graces the music scene with what can only be seen as her opus to what is sure to give Brielle undeniable staying power.

"This is a special time in my life as I am finally able to release to the world what I have been working on for so long… The time has come for everyone to see the different sides of me and my journey.  Simply put, I am just excited!"

And exciting is right, which is more than what we can say about the “Avalanche” singer’s album. Included is the already breakout mentioned above “Rock The Catwalk”, and the already classic “Catch A Star For You”, but it’s our heart strings that’s literally stuck on “Stuck” which shows the fire we love and growth from Brielle. But what would a review be without the millennial-style rendition of our nation’s anthem on “Rocket” which fits our summertime vibe for a spin on an American classic.

We highly suggest to download the 10 track self- titled LP here via iTunes and keep it locked as we may get her on The Pulse Of New York for an interview just for you!


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