The AlliYance [I.K.P., Billy Hood, EarthTone & Swanny River] - Cake (Official Video)

What happens when 4 distinct personalities in “You Know The Drill” MC I.K.P., Billy Hood, EarthTone and producer/engineer Swanny River, come together to create one of the independent’s super group? You get the undeniable presence of The AlliYance.

The East Coast based collective originally came together to bring a different, jazzy and diverse musical taste unheard of in the current state of rap. But now the "I Be On It" MCs seem to find their footing as their newest single brings a fun vibe to a word used in everyday life for a multitude of reasons.

"The song is almost like a 'word game', like how many different ways can you talk about "cake" in a song? EarthTone had created the track and we all vibed to it instantly. He had the concept and then it kinda became a running inside joke between us so we brought that kind of energy to the record. We wanted people to have just as much with the song as we did making it. All puns intended."

In what is easily their most successful breakout hit during their #JulYance release of music last month, check out  “Cake” below. Introducing... The AlliYance coming soon.


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