The Silent Celeb - The Silent Celebrity Project (EP Review)

With the independent world watching, the celebrity whose been moving in silence for the past few years has made some major (key) moves.

Opening for well known artists, trips out of state & the country, and radio upon radio features... the Silent Celeb has lined up 2016 perfectly for this: the release of The Silent Celebrity Project

By now, you know the greatness of her sure fire breakout hit single, and bonafide chart topper, "Good Music" with poet Da Ruddest Jones and of course, her rendition of "Back To Sleep", but Celeb should not be just judged off of those tracks alone...

The vocal stand out here is "Possibilities". braggadocios and confident is one of Celeb's many qualities, but this song has such a old school smooth vibe that radiates her obvious talent and sound.

If you have not already, take a listen to The Silent Celebrity Project and download it to go. We are sure this will be the beginning of many great projects from The Silent Celeb to come.