WVMR Gets Exclusive Ricky Rude / AR-AB Track For Rotation!

Since signing to Cash Money, it seems the man aforementioned in Drake’s “Back 2 Back”, AR-AB has shook the industry and resurrected the Gangsta Rap genre that had mainstream media terrified of what would be said next on the speaker.

Since, linking with AR-AB, Trina, and other industry vets, the New Jersey native Ricky Rude has put the world on notice: he’s an MC truly to fear, either albeit independent or mainstream.

So when the two link together, it becomes a lyrical nightmare for all as today we’ve received their newest single “Be About It” which is sure to get plenty of love & spins across the nation. But for now, the song is EXCLUSIVELY on WVMR and will be spinned on our station officially starting TODAY!

And if you miss it dropping on WVMR, it will be our Voiceless Premier on The Pulse Of New York this Thursday at 10pm! Make sure keep an ear out for that exclusive drop for it as well. 


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