#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: "The Plug" Jason Bourne & 'The Artistry' V-Henny To Present @ #IndieVMAs16!

The 2016 Voiceless Music Awards goes down November 20th live from Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn!

And of Voiceless Music is bringing you every update necessary to get you ready for the big show!

Today's update is our presenters.

With a hit show on radio known around the industry, The Artistry, host skills out the ass and a great knowledge for music, V-Henny has agreed to present at the #IndieVMAs16! With all her stage presence and energy, DJ Mainstream has chosen V Henny to present the Live Performer award!

After appearing everywhere on WVMR a few weeks back and all over the industry dropping gems, The Plug himself Jason Bourne has agreed to present at the #IndieVMAs16! With the co-signs and respect The Plug has gained, Jason Bourne will be presenting the MC Of The Year award!

Who else will present? Who wins? Find out November 20th LIVE from Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn, New York!


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