BlaccOut Garrison - It's Never Fair. But It's Worth It (EP Review)

Since we heard The Elle-assisted "Wishing On A Star", Blaccout Garrison has stayed on our radar. So when we heard that his latest effort, It's Never Fair. But It's Worth It, we made it priority to listen and we we're not let down!

First off the bat, you are met with simplistic horns and welcoming sounds on "Friendly Fires" and "Broken Glass". But in an era where rappers just want to do 'the deed' rather than make any type of love on music, it's the welcoming sounds of "Sex On The Floor" that has us absolutely welcoming BlaccOut's sound... which should also wake this very dreary industry up to realize the talent he has. 

If you are a fan of Hip-Hop with that very 80s smooth vibe with a new era lyricism, then It's Never Fair. But It's Worth It is the type of project you need in rotation. 

And speaking of rotation, hear "Friendly Fires" and "Sex On The Floor" in WVMR's rotation on the #VMHitList today!


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