#ThePulseOfNewYork #Podcast: Jimmy Valentime & Ja'Pan Nation

This past week on The Pulse Of New York featuring DJ Mainstream, Lady Sen with guest host Blackout The Rebel...

We discussed f'n up the timelines with Jimmy Valentime! Since his last interview, the MC has made headway in career left and right hitting open mics and events all over New York area. And of course, we discussed his hit rotation song with Urban Miracle and played our favorite, "Dancin' (Murder Remix)"!

We also discussed getting our bodies right with Ja'Pan Nation! While Lady Sen was attempting to get the superstar singer as her personal trainer, the Texas native discussed his rise on the independent scene from all the hardships he's dealt with until now. 

Finally we announced the location, time and date for the 2016 Voiceless Music Awards... if you have not heard, check out the podcast in full below.


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