BREAKING: DJ Mainstream Announces S-Rock w/ WVMR; WVMR & Rockview Entertainment Brings Out Nitty Scott & Mickey Factz in December!

We've been teased. 

We've waited. 

It's been a week... and now the announcement is here. 

Announced during WVMR's newest late night show Blue Diamond Radio, our President DJ Mainstream announces 2016 Voiceless Music Awards winner S-Rock has officially been added to WVMR's staff as Director of Operations!

Alongside DJ Blaq Bully and B. Elise, S-Rock adds years of musical knowledge to the already bubbling radio station looking to take over New York and beyond...

But they were not done! On December 22nd, the two powerhouses announce that....

Former Voiceless Music Radio/The Pulse of New York guests No Panty member Nitty Scott, MC 

and former XXL freshman Mickey Factz will be touching the Blackthorn 51 stage!

"They have no idea what will happen next, this event is the first of many" states Mainstream, who has confirmed December begins one of MANY collaborative events coming soon. 

So, are you ready to perform? Contact and be a part of this historical event! 


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