Lexicon the Lexiconist (formerly 1.e.x.i) - Once I Went To Pluto

Hey Voiceless Music fans! Rememebr 1.e.x.i?

In who we called the child prodigy of rap back in 2013, she set our show on fire in our very early years. Fast forward the now 16 year old Lexicon has reformed, reshaped and re-imagined her image to cater to her elaborate rhyme scheme and imagination. 

Even with the co-sign of our DJs and her guest mate that night, Poncho Nueve, who agreed on his comparison of a "young Lauryn Hill", Lexi has continue to improve and pave her lane to create music that fits her. Such is relevant on her new single, which is her first feature here in 3 years...

Check out the trippy vibe of "Once I Went To Pluto"