Update: Vita & Michael Fiya To Perform at Rocking For The Holidays!

After the big announcement that S-Rock has joined WMVR in a executive role, the Queens' Best In Entertainment company Rockview Entertainment alongside the growing radio station has announced their partnership for Rocking For The Holidays event! And now we can already lock in two more performers alongside Jayo The Beatslayer & Blackout The Rebel....

Former Voiceless Music showcase performer Michael Fiya has official locked in his slot to the show! Want a taste of what's to come? Check out this exclusive freestyle video thats blowing up the internet!

And fresh off her interview on Jessica B. Live Hour w/ Jessica B. and Tahrell, Vita has officially locked in her slot! With "The River" on full rotation on WVMR and her new single "Still" out now, we are prepared for a great show! Check out the podcast of her on this past Friday's hit late night show!

Would you like to perform on December 22nd contact admin@voicelessmusic.com!