Christina Rubino - Godspeed & Guns (Official Video) (Dir. by Frankie Nasso)

Dark and desperato-style for a 1991 classic is what we can describe Brooklyn-based artist Christina Rubino’s newest release.

In preparation for a January 2017 sophomore release, the country/folk/blues singer looks to take an epic leap with her sound a re-emerge as a powerhouse in a very quiet genre. But since her solo debut, Alive From The Scrap Heap, released back in 2014, it seems Rubino has found her niche as director Frankie Nasso assists in painting a picture of an eerie but addictive take into the 90’s cult classic Thelma & Louise.

It’s look into the psyche of oneself in a visual sure to be more movie that music video to the casual viewer in her the title track “Godspeed & Guns”. Check it out below.


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