Diana Gordon - Woman (Official Video)

“God gave you the answer when he gave you the woman”

Empowerment of the female gender has been a long and hard fought movement in American history. From respect from the opposite sex to the right to vote to even our recently Presidential election with Hilary Clinton, women have made themselves a focal point in our world. So in the world of music, it’s been a heart ache to see some of the ladies of the genres fall short to gain the comrade they deserve. Today’s feature, Diana Gordon (formerly Wynter Gordon), however wants not just the respect but your undivided attention.

After impressing the masses on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in August, the ‘woman’ famously credited for writing Beyonce’s “Sorry” has filmed and released the video to the anthemic single off her major release, The Legend Of. Check out the powerful visual to “Woman” below.