BREAKING: WVMR Director Of Operations Becomes Brand Ambassador to The Peel

Who would've known on December 30th, 2016, that Left Lane Radio frequent guest Sunny Haze, co-owner of The Peel, would turn his drop by appearance to WVMR into a big business deal.

As of today, January 25, 2017, Rockview Entertainment & Director of Operations of WVMR, S-Rock, has be selected as Brand Ambassador of The Peel Orange soda and it's hard liquor version!

A staple throughout the entire night at WVMpaRty, the Black-owned independent company The Peel will be thoroughly displayed in select Rockview Entertainment events, WVMR events, at WVMR radio station and more!

All of us here at Voiceless Music and WVMR would like to congratulate S-ROCK on his newest business venture!

Visit for more information on S-ROCK and his future endeavors.


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