BREAKING: WVMR Presents WVMRunway: Khandie Woo LLC 1st Confirmed Vendor!

WVMR has done made all the necessary moves to be one of the most impactful radio stations on the independent scene...

But after a successful event in The Peel Launch at Brooklyn Colony, WVMR is back at it with their own event!

June 25, 2017, Voiceless Music & WVMR gets back into the fashion game with WVMRunway: An Urban Culture Event! Taking it to the streets while keeping it the theme of independent, we present the pieces of 5 top designers together in one building! 

Officially announcing our 1st vendor, Khadie Woo and KWoo Jewelry!

With a focus on handmade jewelry, Khandie Woo LLC is the perfect example of a brand that we are looking forward to show off for WVMRunway!

For more information on WVMRunway: An Urban Culture Event email wvmrbookings@gmail.con as we will announce more designers coming soon!

And as stated by our official Instagram earlier today, our first casting call is April 9! Details below!