AG Flow & Ty-Brown - Call It What You Want (Mixtape Review)

Queensbridge has always had untapped potential from its up and coming MCs. But with Nas' shadow overseeing the hotbed area, it seems it's been hard to break the wall. AG Flow & Ty-Brown has found the exit with Call It What You Want.

With Zeeker Gang Live making "Shmood" a trending phrase all throughout WVMR, it was already known the two rising stars had star power potentially that can be used to be a mainstream success.

But to us, our favorite is the heart pulsing street anthem "Crack They Heads", which brings that gutter vibe with, once again, a mainstream feel similar to another Queens, New York duo in Mobb Deep. And to finish you off, the fellas team up in a classic 90s move with their edition of "We Gon' Make It" which easily can get you use to these two MCs obvious staying power. 

If you have not already, download and leave a LIKE for Call It What You Want below!


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