J.R. (JustReal) - REALity Check (Album Review)

It's been a few years since a fresh faced R&B rookie J.R. came out with his first project. But from Thoughts Of The Heart to the breakout project, REALity Check, it was time the Bronx native break out and bring back R&B.

Of course, the lead single "Invisible" has given us that vibe we've missed a long time... that real R&B soul. And then there's the touch of 'Sex&B' as "Freak" alongside fellow ICMG/2 Deep's SwaGG a unexpected but seductive fit on the album. But it's the wonderfully constructed, harmonic touch of "Moment of Reflection" with Michelle Singz.

If you are looking for a true embodiment of R&B/Soul, then purchase REALity Check on all platforms today. 


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