BREAKING: The Peel Officially Sponsors WVMR! S-ROCK Creates #PeelPusher Promo Team!

The Peel has been a staple at our affiliate  WVMR, for little over 6 months. Between being the premier drink at the official WVMpaRty last year to naming S-ROCK as it's brand ambassador, the drink of choice has made its rounds... but today, it takes another step!

As of today, The Peel officially sponsors the Radio Home For The Independent overall AND will be the premier place to purchase the orange soda and the hard orange soda!

On top of that, the ambassador himself has started the new trend for The Peel. Using the #PeelPusher, the drink is now taking social networking by storm.

If you are interested in having a #PeelParty or having The Peel at your events, please email today!


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