#WVMR Update: A Unique Trio Creates A New Podcast On WVMR!

After making the announcement that WVMR is the new radio home for the independent, the creative minds of the indie scene has come together to create something special for their own brands.

Today, we got another one!

WVMR has become known for putting together great minds to speak their peace. Today, the Radio Home for the Independent puts together a brand new show looking to speak on current events, sex, love, relationships and more...

Built on the building between funny and direct, Velvet, Shane and their DJ Strikah brings their concept to our station!

Starting in June, the new show, Who TF Gon' Check Me comes to WVMR! Alongside the other Monday shows Loud Silence Radio, Darkside Radio and Monday Night RAWRR joins a talented cast of shows that WVMR already has to offer!

You can tune into the new Monday show starting on June 5th at 4pm ONLY ON WVMRadio.net, the Radio Home for the Independent!


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