BREAKING: Loud Silence Radio Cypher Coming; 2018 WVMR Cypher Shows Chosen!

The 2017 Voiceless Music Awards goes down in August 29, 2017 live from Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn, NY featuring an exclusive opening performance from 2-time Voiceless Music Awards winners Sativa Sensei, Siano, Yung Low, Motive and Star Qualified: SQMG! Interested in going? Get your tickets NOW here.

But with the awards show comes the #IndieVMAs17 Cyphers featuring video freestyle cyphers represented by The Daily Talk, Darkside Radio, Lyve Lyfe Radio and The LeeWay! But originally it's was suppose to include The Pulse Of NY... but do to complications, a show will be replacing them...

That's right, Meko Sky, Qwest, E Sox and Joe Grams who make up the collective of Loud Silence Radio will be creating a cypher in their place. 

But to prepare for next year, WVMR owner DJ Mainstream has already chosen the shows to do their own #IndieVMAs18 Cypher for next years award show. The 5 chosen shows from WVMR are:

Left Lane Radio

Monday Night RAWRR

Mixxy Radio

Talk 2 Me Radio

and Voiceless Music's Zoo Tuesday's 

Log on to Voiceless Music on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 to hear the first #IndieVMAs17 Cypher, featuring Sativa Sensei, Siano, Yung Low, Motive and Star Qualified: SQMG!


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