Fuck Ya Privacy!

As someone who is media looking to work with artist and entrepreneurs I have to say that one of the biggest turn offs is when I go to your social handles and realize your page is private... WHAT!?

So lemme get this straight... You want to expand your brand/business but I have to first request you? Why is that the stipulation and who's bright ass idea was that? Having people request you doesn't guarantee that they will remain following you, it just means that they requested you to see what it is you do. Hopefully your brand/business is captivating enough to hold their attention or else they will unfollow you.

If you were to do your research and analysis you would come to find out that you end up losing a great deal of customers/viewers/fans etc by keeping your page private as opposed to letting the world see what it is you have to offer. If what you're doing is that serious that you have to keep it private for only certain eyes then you honestly shouldn't be doing it or just simply make a personal account.


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