Sense Of Persuasion - So Persuasive (Mixtape)

Shortly after appearing on Left Lane Radio, Queens MC's Sense of Persuasion left WVMR with one goal... making sure their impact was left so you can download their debut mixtape, So Persuasive.

As very confident as they are, the duo has so much needed swagger we look for the music game, which is evident in "Everything". But remember,  these aren't two artist that started together as a group but in very lit "Like This" makes us think otherwise... which in our opinion, can easily break out as S.O.P's mainstream hit. 

However, its the hood that also listens to great music and our favorite hood track, "2 Spliffs", not only repeat worthy but also shows a awesome dynamic between the MCs. 

We urge you to listen, download and enjoy So Persuasive below and listen to their interview on WVMR's Left Lane Radio (June 26th episode) here.