2017 Voiceless Music Awards: Lyve Lyfe Radio

The 2017 Voiceless Music Awards goes down TONIGHT... August 29, 2017 live from Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn, NY featuring an exclusive opening performance from 2-time Voiceless Music Awards winners Sativa Sensei, Siano, Yung Low, Motive and Star Qualified: SQMG!

And to prepare we are doing 5 cyphers leading up to the epic show featuring WVMR radio shows: Darkside Radio, Loud Silence, a special cypher from SQMG, The Daily Talk and today's feature...

With a focus on ladies first, Lyve Lyfe Radio has always been focused on the empowerment of women in music. So when the cypher came along, Dyme alongside her DJ Blaq Bully decided to not only focus on the local artist but artist all across America. 

Stretching from New York to California, this is the Lyve Lyfe Radio cypher with the focus on the illustrious women of Hip-Hop!  


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