Stop Leaving After Your Performance!

Friday, August 18, 2017
8:18 AM

I know we all have obligations and things to do for the rest of the night or early the next morning but one of the most disrespectful and shameful things an artist can do is leave a venue right after their performance. Lets face it... Most cases majority of the audience is all artist themselves so when they sit through your set but you can't wait at least two or three acts till you leave out it sends a bad message. Its basically saying that they're not worth you watching and that you're somehow better.

For those of you who travel great distances to do a show it's understandable why you would want to leave out early but just so you know nobody in that crowd knows nor cares that you live in west bubble fuck. All they see is an artist who doesn't have the decentsy to watch a few acts before leaving out.

Here's a prime example of how disrespectful it looks...

August 11th I performed at The West End for HHRW "Back 2 Basics" event in celebration for Hip Hops 44th birthday. The event hasn't even started yet and who do I see? Oswin Benjamin! For those of you who don't know he's a dope artist witch a decent following. Now assuming who he is I'm thinking he's headlining the event or something, Nope! Probably the biggest artist in the venue that night he say humbly in the back of the venue speaking to those who engaged him. He didn't leave out until about the second to last act went on mind you he was there about an hour before the showcase even started. So if someone who's not even performing but has a bigger draw can stay and watch a few acts why can't you?

Oh and FYI there is no exiting out or leaving disrectly when it comes to leaving a venue. We see everything! Nobody is saying is watch every single act from beginning to end every single night but a few acts won't kill you.


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