Stop Recycling Artist!

There's certain unwritten rules that govern the radio broadcasting world for the most part especially on the indie scene. One rule I find quite obvious and key is to never saturate the artist. At this point you're probably saying "The fuck are you talking about now Blackout"? Well first of all, Don't use that tone of voice with me and secondly I will explain. Lets say an artist who's been buzzing on the scene for a while now drops a new project called "Ethos" for example. Naturally radio/TV will be interested in getting an interview with him to discuss his new project. What you don't want to happen is that he will become booked by a lot of shows which is great... but not when most of them are all on the same station. 

This is what I mean when I say saturation of an artist because this same artist is now being interviewed over and over again within the same small time frame by the same station. Now on one hand its amazing and great to see that much support for an entire artist backed by a station but on the other hand this has the ability to become quite monotonous. No matter how left field, creative and eccentric a show or hosts can be the fact that they are interviewing the same person and for the most part discussing the same topics becomes a little mundane. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the artist for a second. This is your 12th interview on the same station. Granted you never done an interview with them before but you just did an interview on this station not even 3 days ago. So you go in there and the hosts proceed to ask you questions that for almost the 13th time within a 3 month period you've had to answer. You know the regular questions that you just can't help but address "Where do you come from", "Who are your inspirations", "How did you get your rap name". Do you see how annoying and boring that can get? Just think how a fan of the station (not just one show but then entire station) feels? I am not at all trying to discredit anyone I am simply saying that in order to capture the perfect interview you have to sometimes become strategic with how you go about it.

If you clearly see everyone and their mother is interviewing this artist then approach him/her privately and explain to them the situation. The timing isn't right for us to interview you because we want ours to be special and right now too many people are hovering over you right now. Let me know when the next project is set to release and we can set up an interview then. There's no harm or shame in "missing the boat". End of the day don't you want to be the one who breaks a story first? Okay then. 

Do this and I guarantee you the artist will have more respect for you and will definitely keep you posted when the new project drops.


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