BREAKING: Shaa, Formerly Of Trippy Radio, Joins Voiceless Music!

When WVMR started, it began with the Founding 5 shows and a core 8 shows who organically found their way to the Radio Home For the Independent!

One of those shows, Trippy Radio, brought hilarious moments, iconic freestyles, historic episodes, and radio changing moments that will last a lifetime. But after King Shaa announce the shows end several days ago it left not only WVMR a void but a whole in one of the stations top time slots. 

But with all things considered, Shaa has not only become a staple but a vita member of WVMR and today we announce that King Shaa has been hired as a Talent Scout and Content Contributor to Voiceless Music! 

Shaa will also assist in artist feature selections, promotions and more. Welcome Shaa to Voiceless Music.