The Hood Gets Their Certified Vareity Show On WVMR!

After making the announcement that WVMR is the new radio home for the independent, the creative minds of the indie scene has come together to create something special for their own brands.

Today, we got another one!

WVMR has brought in some very impressive people to the Radio Home for the Independent. Today, we bring in more talent to our ever growing station!

Kobane The MC and L from Brooklyn are two individuals seeking to speak to the masses. From sports, technology and music, there's gonna be words you need to hear!

Starting in October, the new show, Dope Dialogue comes to WVMR! 

Alongside the other Friday shows Left Lane Radio and D&C After Dark, Dope Dialogue complete ours Friday's at #OurFnStation and joins a talented cast of shows that WVMR already has to offer! 

You can tune into the new Friday show starting on October 6th at 6pm ONLY ON, the Radio Home for the Independent!


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