Konceited Show - Finally (Mixtape Review)

Taking some time to perfect the beat between being multi-time guest on WVMR to performing, Konceited Show finally drops his newest project that definitely DOES NOT disappoint with Finally.

While it took time to create, its evident in his music. So much so, Finally starts with the personal "Better Place", with shows a more updated but mainstream growth outside of his already breakout hit "Darkside". 

But its two tracks that stand out from Konceited's album...

The passionate "Dreamin'", a very hypnotic vibe track that is definitely unexpected from anything you've heard previously; and the new club banger "Go Low", a very reminiscent 90s feel on some classic 808s that's sure to be another hit for the rising star. 

Listen & download the full album Finally below!
Finally on iTunes
Finally on Spotify


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