DJ Mainstream Is Back On Air w/ Jason Bourne Gets 1st Interview!

To many people, I've come out of no where. I don't have a famous father or mother. I don't come from a background in music. 

But the one thing I, DJ Mainstream, has never done is back down from a challenge to solidify myself in this game. I started Voiceless Music from nothing but a blog, from that I created Voiceless Music Radio and it's branding of The Pulse Of New York. From there, it only make sense to create WVMR and now, the new brand  announced Voiceless Music Entertainment.

But I've had several people tell me I need to get back to radio, my roots. So today, the Radio Home For the Independent, in a sense, got another one!

Resurrecting my classic interview segment on YouTube then the segment that was brought on The Pulse Of New York....

A Minute With Mainstream is back comes to WVMR for a limited time in December! Hosted alongside Voiceless Music representative and T.U.C. Radio host Iman Marie, With the unfortunate ending of Wednesday staple Da Evening Rush, my show will be joining Mixxy Radio and The Last Take.

And for my first interview, Jason Bourne will be live on air... about to show you what happens when Uptown greatness gets on air together.

You can tune into the my new Wednesday show starting on December 6th at 6pm ONLY ON, the Radio Home for the Independent!


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