Voiceless Midnight: Tiffany Simmons Joins Voiceless Music!

Voiceless Music has grown into a very powerful entertainment and music force in the course of 6 years. Originally focused as a blog, we've grown into a radio show to a station, and management company, to creative directors for events across the 5 boros and beyond. 

But today we get back to our roots. 

Please welcome Tiffany Simmons to Voiceless Music as our newest blogger!

An urban director at college radio station WPNR FM based out of Utica, Tiffany brings experience with unsigned and independent artist as she features them weekly on her radio show which airs Thursday nights from 8-10p!

As a manager of up and coming artist Rich Vocals, soon to be featured here, Tiffany who will be now known as Tiff Dollaz brings more diversity and even broader reach to our already growing website alongside our creator DJ Mainstream, Ant The Rebel and of course, the op-ed segment from Blackout The Rebel

Please join us in welcoming Tiff to Voiceless Music by following her on her social networking platforms...

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